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Best articles we read this week (March 8-13)

Here are some news that we cared about this week :)
Top 8 Dreaded Favors Asked of Web Designers


RSA broken
1024-bit RSA encryption cracked by carefully starving CPU of electricity


Samsung Super AMOLED explained in pretty moving pictures (video)


Mozilla Jetpack
MetaLab Goes Open Source?


USA fee broadband
US Considering Free Broadband Access


CPU i7
Intel’s Core i7-980X Extreme Edition ‘Gulftown’ review roundup


HTML5 vs. Flash comparison finds a few surprises, settles few debates


Brain controler
G-Tec Intendix brain-computer interface ready for consumers (video)


MIT new stuff
MIT gurus use polyethylene to suck heat away from your next CPU


IBM Develops Infinitely Recyclable Plant-Based Plastic


marty cooper
Cellphone inventor Marty Cooper uses a Droid…. and a Jitterbug

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