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IE9 vs Chrome 6

My mind was getting really dizzy after i have read that IE9 might get pretty well in the browsers battle. Well here is a test of course it’s not really fair because IE9 uses hardware acceleration and none of the other browsers have it yet. Chrome 6 is in beta but still doesn’t have it, it will be there when it will get released. Also this is the case for Safari and Firefox.

So here is the video with the test side by side, get amazed!

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I'm a 24 year old designer, web designer and web developer. I always liked computers and photography. I first started working on little computer programs and after finishing Informatics and Mathematics at "Gib Mihaescu College" I applied for Informatics at the "University of Craiova" and took my license this year. I"m currently aiming for a Masters Degree in the same field.

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  1. hot says:

    if other browsers doesn’t have hardware acceleration, it’s not actually Microsoft fault. Those browser vendors were bragging a lot about speed, open standards, performance. Now Microsoft has replied in the same language pretty well.