Ciocanel Razvan

Ciocanel Razvan

Position: COO / Co-Founder

Qualification: Master Degree

Phone: +40723595584



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About Me

I’m a 23 year old designer, web designer and web developer. I always liked computers and photography. I first started working on little computer programs and after finishing Informatics and Mathematics at “Gib Mihaescu College” I applied for Informatics at the “University of Craiova” and took my license this year. I’m currently aiming for a Masters Degree in the same field.

I’ve been working for a few companies from United States as a web developer, but now I’m working with Alin, Ion and Mihai on a company we founded, “AjaxMasters” (, doing websites and designs for our clients all over the world. I always kept my interest in photography and digital art and tried to work in my spare time on a few photos that i post on my “DeviantArt” ( profile.